n400 Application form

The N-400 form is used by permanent residents to apply for U.S. Citizenship. Please note: Individuals that do not provide correct information may face consequences including denial of the application, stiff penalties and a potential deportation.

N400 CITIZENSHiP application

The rewards of becoming an American citizen are manifold and complex, yet not everybody can be accepted. With five years of lawful residence in the United States, an individual eighteen years of age can apply for Naturalization using form N-400. The government entity controlling these processes is the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. This body reviews N-400 applications and undertakes the processing of every applicant's information and Naturalization request.

Notarizing the form is required. Adoptions of non-natural citizens must be accompanied by an N-400 form and possible fees to cover biometric tests. A child up for adoption who is not seen abroad for requisite interviews and not meeting visa or Embassy requirements will cost $375 for the N-400 processing and $75 for any tests indicated. Re-adoption in the United States may be termed necessary if in-state adoption procedures so indicate.

There is a fee for filing the N-400 application and the Department of Homeland Security requires $675 to begin the application process with receipt of a completed N-400 form. Certain exceptions to paying the fee while applying for Naturalization exist. Persons seventy five years of age or older will  pay a reduced fee of $595, and eligible members of military personnel may be exempt. For persons born in the United States American citizenship is conferred by birth unless special circumstances subject to the laws of other countries exist.

Assistance in filing out the Naturalization N-400 form is allowed as long as this person is identified on the form. Falsification can result in fines or legal criminal charges, as well as a revocation of any existing immigration privileges. Information on the N-400 Naturalization form must be correct and accurate. Notification of test date, eligibility and Naturalization Oath interview date and time will follow if no issue is found with the N-400 data and application status.

Download PDF Version: N-400 Application for Natualization